Who are Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire? We’re a group of people living in Leicester and Leicestershire who are terrified and inspired by the climate crisis and climate justice and are working together to address these issues.


At the moment, among other things we are organising an online ‘Climate and Me’ event 14th-16th February. This 3 day event is designed to get people thinking, talking and feeling about climate change. We hope it will broaden the conversations about climate change and its implications and leave us all thinking in new ways and feeling inspired to act.

For more information on what is happening over the 3 days, please click here for all the information so far, here to download a complete timetable, or on the individual links below to go to information about specific parts of the event.

It will include:
~ Spirituality and the Climate Crisis. Discussion and talks about the links between faith and the climate with (so far) speakers Amenah Patel from Leicester’s Muslim community, Devena Chouhan of Hindu Climate Action, Dr Hardeep Singh from EcoSikhUK, Rachel Benn from Leicester’s Jewish community, and Christians Erica and Anthony Lees-Smith.
~ A climate food show: short video clips of local people teaching you how to make low carbon foods from around the world while while talking about climate change and a chance to ask questions about what changes the footprints of these recipies and what thoughts they bring up about the climate crisis.
~ People sharing their personal experiences: of living with, or watching others they love, experience climate change around the world. Speaking about places including Derbyshire, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jamaica and Australia.
~ Talks on: Leicester’s Workplace Parking Levy; Climate change and trade justice in the Global South, The role of intentional communities in implementing climate change practice; Climate, Cargo and Commonsense – freight and the climate; Restoring our railways – reopening the Ivanhoe Line; Leaving the car at home – how do we make it happen; Campaigning on HS2.
~ Music and poetry. A climate concert from composer and musician Camilla Cancantata, a chance to share your favourite nature poem, A poetry and economics reading and discussion, and a climate quiz.
For more information on what is happening over the 3 days of ‘The Climate and Me’, please click here or use the timetable below to go to more info on specific activities.
To download the complete timetable as a PDF, click here.


Sunday 14th Feb.

11-11.45am. Talk: Climate, cargo and common-sense

12-12.45pm. Workshop + game: Guess the food footprint

1-1.30pm. Talk from EcoSikhUK

1.45-2.45pm. Workshop: Think like a tree

3-3.45pm. Talk: Restoring our railways

4-4.45pm. Climate food show

5-6pm. Discussion: Leaving the car at home – how do we make it happen?

6.15-7pm. Elaine’s climate quiz

7.30-8.30pm. Talks: personal experiences of climate change

Monday 15th Feb.

10-10.45am. Climate literacy and craft for children: Keystage 2

11-12noon. Talk: The role of ‘intentional communities’ in implementing climate change practice

12.15-1pm. Talk: Climate change and trade justice in the Global South

1.15-2pm. Talk on HS2

2.15-3.45pm. Workshop: Introduction to Permaculture

4-4.45pm. Climate food show

5-7pm. Empathy circle

7.30-8.30pm. Talks: Spirituality and the climate crisis


Tuesday 16th Feb.

10-10.45am. Climate literacy and craft for children: Keystage 1

11-11.45am. Workshop: Making T-shirt hankies and facemasks

12-1pm. Talk: Adam Clarke introduces Leicester’s Workplace Parking Levy

1.15-2pm. Talk + poetry: Dumping Santa and discussing donuts

2.30-3.30pm. Listening circle

3.45-4.30pm. Climate food show

5.45-6.15pm. Sharing nature poetry

6.45-7.45pm. Talks: personal experiences of climate change

8-9pm. Concert: Songs for our times


THANK YOU to all of you who responded to – and helped other people to respond to – the Local Plan! Our work is already having results:

· We are starting to get letters back from our councillors now (11 of them so far).
· We have also had meetings about the Local Plan with Adam Clarke (Deputy City Mayor for environment and transport) and the councillors of Castle ward who include Danny Myers (Deputy City Mayor for Policy Delivery and Communications). Both of them have agreed to a further meeting with us in the new year.
· We’ve gained some new members for our Climate Coalition: Hindu Climate Action, Leicester Environmental Youth Board, the local branch of the Women’s Equality Party and Green Christian Leicester City. There are other groups considering joining too. The Climate Coalition was key in supporting people to respond to the Local Plan, and thanks to them 15 organisations endorsed our alternative Local Plan!
· Additionally, our membership has increased by over a hundred and our social media  has also gained loads of followers.
So, again, THANK YOU!!!