How can I get involved?

Everyone who joins Climate Action or one of its working groups also gets occasional updates about whats going on via email.

We have a set of working groups each focussing on specific issues with their own email groups, meetings and plans. You are invited to join any group you’re interested in working with and putting time into. To do so, or to get our update emails, click here.

For more information, feel free to contact us or dig around on this website for more information.

  • Transport Action – pushing for changes which put people before cars
  • Trees Please – aiming to increase tree coverage in the city and county to 20%
  • Climate Friendly Homes for All – working for all homes and buildings to be climate friendly for their occupiers and the climate
  • Planning Carbon Reduction – challenging our councils to make sure their Local Plans and Strategic Growth Plan are reviewed in light of the climate emergencies they have declared
  • Education working group – working to educate, empower and motivate schools, young people and adults to learn about and act on climate change, climate justice and our relationship with the natural world
  • Climate Coalition building – reaching out to groups, communities and organisations to work together on Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • Event organising – organising events to raise awareness about the climate crisis and justice and get people acting to create change from the political to the personal.