Climate Coalition

Climate Action is building a Climate Coalition of groups who are working for action on the climate change, be it by lobbying local government, supporting individuals to act, or in other ways.

What is the Climate Coalition Leicester and Leicestershire?
We are: a network of organisations who are jointly lobbying our local authorities, and their economic partnerships, to take the drastic action needed on climate change and carbon reduction.
Vision: A greener, safer, healthier Leicester and Leicestershire and world, where in tackling climate change we have also strengthened our capacity to survive in community, addressed issues of global and local poverty, exploitation and responsibility and are happier.
Aims: To gather organisations who all support that same vision, and who represent the diverse parts of our community, and the many people within them. To use this strength in numbers and diversity to have a stronger, more persuasive voice in lobbying local authorities, and their economic partners, to act now to reduce our region’s carbon emissions.
We will: support and challenge our local authorities, economic partners, our own organisations, in taking steps to tackle the climate crisis and realise our vision.

For more information on what being a coalition partner involves please go to our outline. If you’d like to join, we’d love to hear from you. You can also download our partners form here.

So far the Climate Coalition Leicester and Leicestershire has the following partners:

Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire. That’s us, on this website!

South Highfields Neighbours. We are an active residents group living in Highfields. On climate change we work with local schools, organisations and our neighbours to increase awareness of the issues and encourage positive action. We are concerned about climate justice as many of our residents have family and friends in countries already badly affected by the climate emergency.

Global Justice Leicester is a  local branch of Global Justice Now which campaigns for a world in which resources are controlled by the many not the few. We work in solidarity with social movements to fight the causes of poverty and injustice. Our organisation campaigns particularly on climate justice for developing countries in the global south who have contributed little to the current crisis but suffer disproportionately from its effects and the actions of multinational corporations which they  have difficulty in controlling. We work in solidarity with partner organisations in the global south and run campaigns against banks and fossil fuel companies.

Leicester Friends of the Earth. We’re a grassroots environmental action group. We campaign on issues such as climate change, fracking, air pollution and plastic.

Climate Strike Leicester. We are the student-led organisers for the Leicester-based school strikes, fighting for climate action. We organise and stage strikes to protest governments’ inaction against the growing global crisis that is climate change and strive to increase popular awareness of the issue through leafleting, speeches, and marches.

Leicester Nirvana FC. We are a grassroots football club with a semi-professional first team which take pride in helping the community and take pride in being a community club. Our aim, in terms of Climate Action, is to become the first football club to be completely, 100%, environmentally friendly.

Leicester Environmental Youth Board. We are a group of young people from across Leicester City. We exist to influence and advise the Leicester City Council on the environment impact of all of its policies, and push for increased action to tackle the climate emergency.

Footpaths: routes to a greener life. We run support groups for people in Leicester and Leicestershire who want to reduce their personal carbon footprints in a supportive and structured group. Click here to see a short 3 minute clip of participants talking about their experience of doing a Footpaths course.

Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Nuclear weapons and climate change are the major threats to our planet. We stress the links between climate change, nuclear weapons and military investment.

Extinction Rebellion Leicester. We are Leicester’s branch of the international movement aimed at halting mass extinction and minimising the risk of social collapse. We do this in various ways including increasing public awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis, lobbying councils and by using non-violent civil disobedience.

Leicester Green Party. We are a local, active political party, fighting for environmental and scial justice, demanding local transparency and scrutiny of our council. We are also working to ensure that Leicester takes the Climate Emergency seriously.

Please note that Climate Action would welcome other local political groups in the Climate Coalition if they are working on Climate Change.

GreenLight. We are a missional community group linked to Holy Trinity Church who connect Christ, Creation and Community. We are passionate about caring for the world and engage in regular discussions about the climate emergency with the council, our church and our friends. We have held prayer vigils for climate change at key points as well as joined with others to march and call for positive action. We look to find practical solutions though lifestyle changes too and are promoting the Eco Church award scheme.

Leicester Car Sharing Club is Leicester’s longest established vehicle sharing scheme. Currently has around twenty members across the City sharing five vehicles so keeps cars off the road. Organised as a voluntary democracy with meetings around every six weeks. Has been a role model for other schemes across the country. Efficient on-line booking system plus co-operation between members ensures functionality. Leicester City Council is supportive but the scheme is self-financing.

Head out of the Sand – Groby.  HootS meets once a month and aims to be a local response to the climate emergency that we face.  We have three strands to our meetings:  Education, Values and Action.  We aim to educate each other and share what we are learning with our local community.  We spend time thinking about the values we need to adopt to face the future.  We take action in our local community of Groby, and join with others in larger actions when we are able to.  Everyone is welcome at our meetings: we aim to be inclusive and hope to be an agent in building a stronger and more resilient community.

Leicester Fixers. Leicester Fixers is a community of problem solvers – amateur and professional repairers and non-repairers – that work together to mend the broken and learn more about repairs.

Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation. We are a local Synagogue. We have recently started a Green Group and are planning actions around the biblical and festivals cycle. Recently we held a Seder for the Jewish New Year for Trees to educate about the importance of trees. We are committed to taking steps towards greening the Synagogue by: recycling and composting waste, reducing water use, switching to a green energy supplier, providing more plant-based meals (we are already meat-free), installing a bike rack.

Harborough Woodland. We are rapidly growing into a large community volunteer not for profit group promoting and enabling the responsible expansion of wooded areas, trees or hedges around Market Harborough and District from Northamptonshire to Rutland for air quality, carbon capture, physical and mental health  benefit and flood risk reduction.

Transition Leicester. Our core message is to support any work that moves the community from oil dependency to local resilience.

Greenpeace Leicester. We are the Leicester branch of Greenpeace, the international environmental pressure group. Action on climate change is now Greenpeace’s top priority since all its other concerns are directly linked. Local group members are all volunteers and meet monthly in order to pursue national campaigns at a local level.

If your group, organisation or community wants to join the Climate Coalition as a partner, we ask that you:

  1. Explicitly support our overall goals. This means we can say publicly that you support them.
  2. Have your name on our website as members of the Coalition.
  3. Tell your membership that you are part of the Coalition, what we are doing, and encourage them to get involved.

The overall goals which Coalition partners support are:

  1. The City and County Councils to set annual, measurable carbon reduction goals for Leicester and Leicestershire to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions by 2030.
  2. The City and County Councils to identify both a councillor at cabinet level and a lead officer as Climate Champions who are required to publish annual independent and audited report to the public on progress in meeting climate change targets.
  3. The City and County Councils and Leicester & Leicestershire Economic Partnership to review their Local Plans, Strategic Growth Plan and all other future strategic plans in the light of their climate emergency declarations and national carbon reduction targets.