Event organising

We’re a small but dedicated group aiming to design and run regular events about the climate crisis and climate justice, such as this drop-in we ran on 2/2/20.

We want our events to help people connect with the realities and our feelings about climate change and its impacts across the world and into the future.

We want them to help people to take action to reduce and mitigate climate change – whether it’s by writing to the council, reducing our personal footprint, planting a tree or talking about the climate with other people.

We want to make it clear that although we are all going to feel the effects of the climate crisis, the suffering it brings will not be equally shared – impacting earliest and most devastatingly on the Global South’s poorest communities – and it is not a problem we share equal responsibility for causing – being primarily caused by Western countries and people with high incomes.

Above all, we want our events to inspire people to act, and to get others to act – now.

Our next event will be Climate Action’s Launch – brief talks and stalls by our working groups and coalition partners about what they are doing about climate change and how people can get involved, combined with low carbon food tasting. Put the 4th April in your diary!