Transport Action

Spotted at a T.A.G meeting!

Please respond to the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Transport Priorities consultation which closes 29th June. It is a blueprint for the counties transport development for the next 30 years, and at the moment it is built around road building and car use. If you want to read it (it’s 36 pages) you can find it here. Our briefing on what we think needs saying is here: Strategic transport priorities briefing, and our suggestions for what city and county should be doing about freight are here: Planning suggestions re freight.

Climate Action’s Transport Action working group is campaigning for council policies which will prioritise people over cars.

Changes which will make taking public transport, walking and cycling easier for people, and make driving less attractive.

Our main aims are:

  • To reduce car use;
  • To improve public transport;
  • To encourage active transport (cycling and walking);
  • To shift public attitudes away from the car dependence culture;

At the moment, our campaigning goals are:

1. To ensure that Leicester City Council (LCC) sets annual targets to reduce car use and implement policies designed to discourage car use;

2.  To improve bus services. We will encourage LCC to apply for a Bus Franchise under the Bus Services Act. If this proves impossible, we will introduce an enhanced partnership;

3.  To work with the LCC to implement a city wide congestion charge (but with agreed exemptions);

4. To increase the number of segregated cycle lanes and to enforce the relevant driving regulations;

5. To encourage the LCC to widen their proposed Workplace Parking Levy to the whole city;

6. To introduce a 20mph speed limit across the city;

7.    To ensure that LCC develops a detailed policy for freight. This should include targets for reducing the number of HGVs in the city, and shifting freight to zero carbon options to reduce the impact on cyclists and pedestrians.

We are also trying to bring all the city’s transport groups together, to agree shared goals and to present a united front to the L.C.C. when discussing the Local Plan, for example. If this sounds like you, please get in touch!

Links to interesting  reading  see below: