Transport Action

This transport working group is small and meets irregularly via zoom, but we’d love to have you join us. We are currently putting together our response to the City Council’s Transport Plan for the next 15 years which is currently out for consultation. If you’d like to join us, do get in touch via the contact/get involved page on this website.

Most recently we responded to the consultation for, and met with Leicester City Council about, their new transport. We also put together a briefing to support individuals to respond Leicester’s Transport Plan consultation which closed on the 17th September. This plan sets out the Council’s transport vision and priorities for the city to 2036. They are also exploring the potential for a workplace parking levy which could help to fund a better bus service. Since the city (along with the rest of the UK and world) should be carbon neutral within the time frame of this transport plan, and a quarter of Leicester’s carbon emissions are from transport, this plan is important. Climate Action believes it represents a real shift towards prioritising public transport and walking and cycling over private car use. We think the council will receive considerable opposition on this, and we want to support and strengthen this shift.

Transport checklist for new developments.

There are loads of new housing developments in the pipeline across Leicestershire – largely due to Leicester’s growing population. At the moment they encourage car dependancy and don’t support public or active transport options in the solid way we need to address the climate crisis.

The Transport Action Group has just developed a very simple checklist/basic briefing about what good quality new housing developments need to include in terms of transport planning if they are to tackle and survive the intensifying climate crisis. We’ve sent it to councillors across the County, but it is also for you if you who want to respond to planning consultations with objections or support asking for a climate-friendly future. You can find it here. For a briefing from the TCPA (Town and County Planning Association) on 20 minute neighbourhoods – better described as 10 minute nighbourhoods – click here.

If you would like to see this Transport Action Group’s response to the Local Plan consultation it is here: transport action group local plan response final 

Climate Action’s Transport Action working group is campaigning for council policies which will prioritise people over cars. For example changes which will make taking public transport, walking and cycling easier for people, and make driving less attractive.

Our main aims are:

  • To reduce car use;
  • To improve public transport;
  • To encourage active transport (cycling and walking);
  • To shift public attitudes away from the car dependence culture;
  • We’ve also been thinking about freight in the city and county. Our suggestions are here: Freight plan suggestions.

At the moment, our campaigning goals are:

1. To encourage Leicester City and Leicestershre County Councils to set annual targets to reduce car use and implement policies designed to discourage car use;

2.  To improve bus services. We will encourage LCC and Leicestershire County to apply for a Bus Franchise under the Bus Services Act. If this proves impossible, we will support an enhanced partnership;

3. To increase and enforce the number of segregated cycle lanes and connect them up to form a network across the County and City;

4. To support the City Council to widen their proposed Workplace Parking Levy to the whole city;

5. To introduce a 20mph speed limit across the city;

6.    To push for the County and City to develop a detailed policy for freight. This should include targets for encouraging logistics companies to start moving from road to train, reducing the number of HGVs in the city, and shifting freight to zero carbon options to reduce the impact on cyclists and pedestrians.

7. We have also been reading and responding to council transport consultations. You can see our response to the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Transport Priorities consultation here.

Links to interesting  reading  see below: