Who are Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire? We’re a group of people living in Leicester and Leicestershire who are terrified and inspired by the climate crisis and climate justice and are working together to address these issues. Our group started in October 2019 and we’d love you to join us.

We have started holding regular silent climate vigils in Leicester at the Clock Tower, Gallowtree Gate. They are a chance to stand up for what we care about, to meet and chat with others who also care (afterwards – the vigils are silent) and to get people thinking about specific aspects of the climate crisis. Climate Action will bring placards and flyers. They’ll usually be held on the 2nd Monday 12-1pm and the 4th Friday 5-6pm of each month. Details will be posted below – do check as sometimes the time or place varies. Please join us! Wear black and/or green.

The next vigil is Friday 28th Jan, 5-6pm, near the Clock Tower in Leicester City Centre. It will focus on the myriad of things we can do to tackle the climate crisis, from lifestyle change to political action to knowing how our money is invested. You can see the flyer we’ll be using here.

After that we have plans to cover: Climate Colonialism, Shell in Nigeria, and more. We have already covered and will return to: The impact of the climate crisis on people and places across the world right now. This was the topic of our first two vigils. Flyer here. What the UK should be doing in terms of policy to tackle climate change, flyer here. Climate justice, flyer here. Pension investment in fossil fuel companies, flyer here.

Please do get in touch via our contact page if you’d like to contribute ideas or be part of the vigil planning group. The hope is to use the vigils to think about specific climate issues in detail, as well as to meet each other and raise awareness locally.

Greenwashing vs Renewable Energy Generation: which energy suppliers are making a positive difference?  A lot of us think we are with a green energy company, but actually there’s a lot of greenwashing in this area. Climate Action L+L has just run an event to clarify things. You can see the slides (including ones not used in the actual event on other companies) here or watch a recording of the talk and debate here.

It consists of a half hour talk + Q&A on what energy companies are doing to support renewable generation and how most of them are greenwashing themselves.
This is followed by a half hour debate + Q&A on what the differences are between the actually green suppliers – which one ticks your boxes?

People look for different things with their energy company when they care about the climate crisis.

  • You might want to know – like Hafsah’s family – that your supplier is either generating their own energy or buying it from a generator with a supportive private purchase agreement – this is generally the best way of checking that your energy is genuinely green, and the 3 companies they are choosing from are the best contenders here.
  • Or like Mel, you might want your supplier to supply 100% green gas as well as electricity. Green Energy UK is the only company to do this at the moment.
  • Maybe like Nick you want your supplier to prioritise the rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure around the UK – a key priority for Ecotricity.
  • Are you like Akash whose priority is that the company he is with is  lobbying for action on the climate crisis?
  • Or perhaps like Lucy, you object to your supplier misleading you and claiming to be green when they aren’t.
  • Maybe, like so many of us- and Neil, it’s simply something you’ve been meaning to do for ages but haven’t got round to.

Why not watch our Greenwashing vs Renewable Energy Generation Event here, and find out which company you want to be with?



Leicester’s Climate Emergency Action Plan.

When we first started as an organisation, we spent a lot of time and energy responding and support individuals to respond to Leicester City Council’s Climate Conversation Consultation. The Council’s action plan coming out of this consultation can now be found here, and while it makes a start, we had hoped for far stronger action. Therefore Climate Action has responded to the action plan – and 17 of the organisations in our Climate Coalitions have endorsed ther reponse. You can see our response here. Now we wait to see if it improves.

We’ve just finished organising an online ‘Climate and Me’ event. This 3 day event was designed to get people thinking, talking and feeling about climate change. We hope it will broaden the conversations about climate change and its implications and leave us all thinking in new ways and feeling inspired to act.

We hope you will be inspired to take action against climate change as a result of the 3 day ‘Climate and Me’ event we’ve just run, so we’ve set up a page with many suggestions of things you could do – and the opportunity to pledge to do specific things or make up your own pledge – have a look here and see if there is something (or more than one thing) you can do.

Climate and Me included:
~ Spirituality and the Climate Crisis. Discussion about the links between faith and the climate with speakers Amenah Patel from Leicester’s Muslim community, Devena Chouhan of Hindu Climate Action, Dr Hardeep Singh from EcoSikhUK, Rachel Benn from Leicester’s Jewish community, and Christians Erica and Anthony Lees-Smith. This was recorded and is available to watch here.
~ People sharing their personal experiences of living with, or watching other people, experience climate change around the world. Speaking about places including Afghanistan, Vietnam, Derbyshire, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, India and Australia and the Gambia. These are available to watch here.
~ Click here to find the other ‘Climate and Me’ events which we have slides or recordings for.

THANK YOU to all of you who responded to – and helped other people to respond to – the Local Plan! Our work is already having results:

· We are starting to get letters back from our councillors now (11 of them so far).
· We have also had meetings about the Local Plan with Adam Clarke (Deputy City Mayor for environment and transport) and the councillors of Castle ward who include Danny Myers (Deputy City Mayor for Policy Delivery and Communications). Both of them have agreed to a further meeting with us.
· We’ve gained some new members for our Climate Coalition: Hindu Climate Action, Leicester Environmental Youth Board, the local branch of the Women’s Equality Party and Green Christian Leicester City. There are other groups considering joining too. The Climate Coalition was key in supporting people to respond to the Local Plan, and thanks to them 15 organisations endorsed our alternative Local Plan!
· Additionally, our membership has increased by over a hundred and our social media  has also gained loads of followers.
So, again, THANK YOU!!!