Petitions to sign

One quick and simple thing we can do help push our government to take serious action against the climate crisis, and set a strong example for other countries to follow, is sign petitions. We’ve gathered together petitions we think are worth signing, from various organisations. Please take 10 minutes and sign them and do something today to take Climate Action:

Sum Of Us – MediumToyota is one of the world’s top lobbyists against laws to protect us all from catastrophic climate breakdown. Public outcry in California last year helped make Toyota pull out of a lawsuit to block climate action there. So if we can mobilize even more of us now, we can stop their dirty work everywhere. Will you add your signature and spread the word?

Tell the Prime Minister to stop plans for a new coal mine in Cumbria and commit to an end of an era of UK coal.

Send a letter to Boris Johnson ensuring he keeps his promises he made at COP26 in November. We’re teaming up with our friends at The Climate Coalition, alongside other groups, to send a GIANT Christmas card to Downing Street – signed by hundreds of thousands of people from right across the UK

Tell the Prime Minister: Mozambique needs green investment, not fossil fuel funding. He said he was committed to curbing the climate crisis at COP26, but the UK government is pledging US$1.15 billion (£850 million) for a new climate-wrecking gas project in Mozambique.

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Ask UK government to take decisive action to combat climate change– encourage the UK government to take action across many areas of the climate crisis to make a real difference following COP26.

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UK Government act now on climate changekeep pushing Boris Johnson to drop hypocritical policies and get serious about climate change. 

War on Want - The Ethical ShopDemand a just energy transition for all. One that cuts carbon AND respects the rights of affected communities and workers. Make UK energy corporations legally responsible for eliminating human rights abuses in their energy supply chains; set legally binding targets on reducing resource use; end the wasteful use of energy.

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Ask your councillors for an ambitious local Climate Action Plan. Many of our local councillors don’t know much about the climate and don’t think their constituents care. This is a letter not a petition, but it’s just as fast to sign.

Tell the leaders of the US, UK and EU following the COP26 talks there is only one right choice to make: rich funder countries must pull money out of fossil fuels, and use it to fund a just, clean, renewable energy transition everywhere.

World Development Movement will rebrand to Global Justice ...

Reverse the International Aid cut instead of supporting for-profit private sector services the UK aid budget should support public services and the world’s most marginalised communities as they face a climate crisis not of their making.

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No more new oil and gas licences-tell Prime Minister Boris Johnson that we want no more oil and gas licences for the North Sea, and want him to help us transition to renewable resources as a replacement.

Ask the Leicestershire Pension fund, which has an estimated £154million invested in fossil fuel companies to stop investing in fossil fuels and add their voices to pushing the UK government to do the same – sign here.

About us - CPRE, the countryside charity

Save rural buses Decades of underfunding means that bus services are disappearing in rural UK, please sign to help provide a reliable bus service for all people to help them remain mobile and reduce the amount of cars on the road. – Logos Download

Put people first not planes Following Covid, aviation industries are demanding large amounts of unconditional taxpayer-backed bailouts. Public money has to ensure that workers and the climate are put first. Sign this petition to stop aviation bailouts.

World Beyond War — Close All US Military Bases! – Public ...

Stop excluding military pollution from climate agreements. Military greenhouse gas emissions are exempt from climate negotiations, but the military across the world are one of the main contributors to carbon emissions. Their emissions should be made public and accounted for. 

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No new coal mines. help apply the pressure to the UK government to prevent any future coal mines.

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Stop the new Cumbrian coal mine This will be the UK’s first deep coal mine in 30 years and will be a huge set back in meeting the climate targets. Help stop this by signing.

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File:Friends of the Earth logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsEnergy company Siccar and oil giant Shell have plans to open a huge new oil field west of Shetland which could be operational till 2050. This oil field will produce climate pollution equal to 16 coal fired-power plants running for a year. Sign a petition and 2 letters to help stop this happening. Stop new North Sea oil field petition. Sign a letter to the government to stop Cambo North sea oilfield.  Also sign a letter to your MP on this.

SumOfUs Delivers Message to Jack Dorsey: BAN TRUMPOil and Gas company Total are issuing what they call sustainable bonds – but they can use the money to drill for oil in the Arctic. It’s total greenwash. Tell investors not to buy Total’s toxic bonds.

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Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he was committed to curbing the climate crisis at the UN climate talks in early November, the UK government is still fuelling the fire by pledging over US$1 billion (around £730 million) to support a new climate-wrecking gas project in Mozambique. Tell Boris Johnson Mozambique needs green investment not fossil fuel funding.


If you find other current petitions which you think should be on this page, please tell us about them!