Coalition Building and Events Group


This small but very active working group is behind much of the visible work being done by Climate Action L+L at the moment. We meet every 2 to 3 weeks via Zoom – usually on Sunday afternoons – and would love more active members!

We plan to work with as many organisations, communities and individuals around the issues of the Climate Crisis and Climate Justice as possible, and do so with as diverse a range of people as we can. We use our events as a way of reaching out.

We are building a Climate Coalition of organisations who care about and are working on climate issues together. You can see who the members are so far here. If you are part of a group, community or organisation who would be interested in joining our coalition, please use this outline and partners form, or email Climate Action – we’d love to talk to you.

  • We put together and ran the Local Plan Social Media campaign in 2020
  •  We organised the Local Plan socially distanced mini demo last September (see image above).
  • We are organising the ‘Climate and Me’ 3 day online event this Feb 2021, and plan to do follow up afterwards helping people to act on their Climate and Me pledges.
  • And we have many more plans…come to a meeting and get involved.